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Are you ready for towing vessel inspections? Towing vessel operators need to know how the requirements of Subchapter M may impact their business and what they should do to prepare for, and manage them. Subchapter M is complex with numerous subsections whose applicability will vary from vessels to vessel. Some important issues for operators to consider include: compliance options of Coast Guard or third party, potential pitfalls in buying or drafting a TSMS, regulatory audits v. voluntary audits, regulatory surveys, pitfalls for auditors and surveyors, as well as legal issues to be considered. We help towing vessels operators make those decisions regarding what is best for their company.

Subchapter M - Products and Services

Important Resources


  • Subchapter M Towing Vessel Record/ Compliance Management System with Health & Safety Plan
  • Subchapter M Self-Study Course (5hrs of DVDs with Workbook)
  • Safety Management System Workbook



For towing vessel companies choosing the Coast Guard option:

  • Regulatory Compliance Surveys
  • Subchapter M training

For towing vessel companies choosing the Third Party TSMS option:

  • Internal Regulatory Compliance Surveys
  • Internal TSMS Audits
  • TSMS Development
  • Subchapter M training

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