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The best way to learn regulations, policies and procedures is to never miss an opportunity to look up the policy or procedure. This workbook is designed on that premise. It lays out scenarios which vessel personnel may encounter at any given time and requires the trainee to critically think of the scenario in terms of the safety management manual, and not just what he would do based upon his experience, common sense or gut reaction. It then requires the trainees to look up each aspect of the scenario through a series of questions. The workbook provides a place for each trainee to fill in the page and paragraph where the answer was found and to write the correct answer based upon the company’s written policies and procedures.


You and your employees can become experts on your company’s safety management system too, by using this workbook based upon the training and qualification methods learned during a 20-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard.


This is not just a training and qualification workbook, but a valuable tool to evaluate the effectiveness of a safety management system through real-life application of policies and procedures.


104 pages, perfect bound


$29.95 US dollars

TWIC dvdFrom this training and reference resource you will learn:

  • Which facilities and vessels are required to implement TWIC
  • Which individuals must obtain a TWIC
  • What will disqualify an applicant from obtaining a TWIC
  • How does a secure area differ from a restricted area
  • Escorting requirements
  • How to deal with new hires or lost TWICs
  • How to minimize the impact of the TWIC requirements
  • Contract security guard issues


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